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Teeth whitening is one of the most requested procedures when it comes to embellishing smile. For those who still enjoy their natural teeth this can be done successfully by whitening in the cabinet, – with professional lamp – and whitening at home – with mouth guard.

Regarding the expectations you might have about what you can truly achieve, there are several aspects to be considered: whitening is done in a range of colors specific for each of us with 1 – 2- 5 to 7 shades difference, depending on many factors. Even on the notion of “color shade” we can write a whole article. (If you want to escape these limitations there is a solution presented at the end of this article.)

But what happens when the front teeth have fillings or crowns made of different materials: ceramic, zirconia, etc ? In the first case, the fillings are redone after whitening. In all the other cases, unfortunately, no whitening method will work on those materials designed to keep the color stable as long as possible.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to all those who are preparing for a front teeth prosthetic, to start with the whitening! In this way you will get a lighter shade of white – both for natural teeth and crowns-, and you can maintain this shade by repeating the whitening procedure.

Another more radical solution is represented by veneers. Besides the real possibility to choose the desired color, you can also mask different “orthodontic defects” (otherwise that by wearing bracelets for a long time). And the result … may be spectacular !

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