At the beginning of this year, we considered necessary to invest in the purchase of a 3Shape Trios intraoral digital scanner. This type of scanner represents a solution that builds, optimizes and digitalizes the performance of the operations between the clinic and the laboratory so that the patients can benefit from prosthetic reconstructions of the highest quality.

Digital scanning solves a lot of problems by providing precise impressions from the beginning, in comparison to the traditional impressions materials that register inaccurate clinical and aesthetic results and an increased need of adjustment during the consultation. The direct visualization on the screen allows the dentist to perform adjustments while scanning and to obtain and optimal impression from a single operation

Thus, an entire chain of errors is eliminated: human errors, contraction and elasticity errors of the imprinting material, errors of the plaster model, operation errors for the wax model, errors of creating the model for the metallic body, errors in casting the metal, errors in the contraction of ceramics, etc. A certain aspect is that the quality of the materials, the skills of the operator and the competency of the technician are all very important, but it is physically impossible to avoid deviations and errors which lead to a less adapted prosthetic work in this entire workflow.

With digital scanning, the patient can now experience a scanning process that is both faster and more comfortable, but especially very precise!

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