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We can assert without false modesty that our clinic has a tradition in endodontia, representing a real talent “incubator”:
– our clinic was the first clinic from the capital to use the endodontic microscope even since 2006;
– out of passion, the specialized medic Ramona Iosif attended training courses (professional competency courses) for one year, subsequently taking part in multiple congresses and perfection courses;
– the medic Roberto Cristescu started his activity inside our clinic – activity subsequently continued with post-university studies in the Netherlands – country in which he currently performs his activity when he is not busy organizing specialization courses all over the world;
– the medic Sergiu Nicola also performed his activity inside our clinic for 8 years and he is currently on of the most famous endodontists in the country. The medics Andrei Manole and Eduard Margelatu – also specialized in endodontia, made their first steps inside our clinic.
Even the concept of “limited practice in endodontia” was implemented for the first time in Romania, at Finesse Clinic. Through seriousness, true fellowship and competency, our clinic has managed to collaborate with over 100 cabinets from Bucharest and other cities. Our laboratory receives “difficult cases”, broken works, calcified channels, apical resections, etc.





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