We must understand that the severe dental problems represent a mixture of affections and that prophylaxis can save time, money and emotions. This is the main reason why the visits to the dentist should be performed on a regular basis. The stages of the prophylaxis procedure imply:

  • regulated dental control for depuration and specialized consultation
  • for children: prophylaxis of the dental cavity, sealing, fluoridations, indicators of dental plaque
  • fluoridations of the teeth with the purpose of ensuring protection against cavities, not only for children, but also for adults with dental hyperesthesia (delicate teeth)
  • hygiene of the mouth, brushing techniques, and last, but not least, food hygiene (reasonable consumption of sugar products)
  • depuration + under-gum curettage for sick teeth
  • periodontitis – like any disease – can be prevented if it is discovered in an incipient stage, gum bleeding representing one of the first signs, followed by the inflammation of the gum, gum retraction and dental mobility
  • panoramic radiography
  • computer tomograph
  • digital scanning

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