Dental aesthetics represents an expression that covers such a wide professional area that only a few can offer complete services for it. The following can be included in this category: professional whitening in the cabinet, whitening mouth guard, physiognomic obturations (fillings). However, from our point of view, besides the clinical condition, age and desire of the patient, we can also include the following procedures into this equation:     

  • orthodontic treatments (more or less visible),
  • surgery,
  • digital scanning,
  • virtual or wax mock-up and wax-up,
  • veneers
  • translucent zirconia,
  • all-ceramic crowns,
  • e-max ceramics,
  • inlay
  • onlay
  • implants,
  • prosthesis on implants,
  • micro-abrasions,
  • oral hygiene,
  • food habits,
  • smoking
  • etc

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