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Our purpose is to offer our patients the possibility of receiving an endodontic treatment at one of the highest standards


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Digital Imaging

Inside our clinic, in order to support the performed treatments, you can benefit from computerized radiology that reduces the level


Surgery does not only refer to the classical dental extraction, but also to a series of other procedures of preservation


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Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics represents an expression that covers such a wide professional area that only a few can offer complete services

Frequently asked questions

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01. Can I pay by credit card? Is there a possibility of paying the medical services in monthly instalments?

Yes, the following credit cards are accepted: VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO. The patient can also pay for the medical services in monthly instalments, but these cases will be discussed individually.

02. Does your clinic offer any guarantee for the performed interventions?

FINESSE DENT ensures all its patients on the guarantee of the performed interventions for a period of 5 years! The guarantee covers reconstruction, repairing or adjustment without any additional costs or conditions - according to the law - for 1* year after the performance of the intervention. Both for the legal guarantee and for the extended guarantee, the indications, conditions and terms of the guarantee will be communicated to the patient once the intervention is finished.

* After one year, certain conditions will be imposed. Please contact the clinic for further details.

03. What is the whitening technique that your clinic uses?

Inside our clinic, you can benefit from the most modern whitening treatment based on nanometric light beam (system patented in the USA), that is performed extemporaneous inside the cabinet. This technique presents the longest whitening effect among all the known whitening treatments.
• it is applied in a controlled manner only on the visible surfaces of the teeth
• the discomfort of wearing mouth guards during the night is eliminated
• the treatment only takes one hour
• the entire procedure is performed under specialized supervision
• the risk of dental sensitivity is reduced and the exposure time to whitening solutions is shortened
• colours with up to 8-10 lighter tones can be obtained
• the treatment is harmless
• more lasting effect than the whitening treatment based on mouth guards, even in the case of the patients who smoke and drink coffee (the result “is visible” for 2 years)
• the complex cases can be treated in successive stages, with controlled effect

04. When is the application of facets on the teeth recommended?

The application of facets represents the method through which, in a relatively short period of time, the flaws of the dental enema can be repaired inside the cabinet, by the dentist, with the help of composite materials. This technique registers constant physiognomic effects for a long period of time. The indications for ceramic facets are the following:
• teeth whose colour is modified
• slight malpositions
• closure of diastema and trema (unaesthetic spaces between the teeth)
• satisfaction of the aesthetic requests of the patients

05. Is microabrasion dangerous?

Microabrasion represents a treatment technique that implies a minimum sacrifice of hard dental substance. This technique is mostly used for minor dental discolorations - that only affect the superficial layer of the enamel - discolorations that do not disappear through whitening techniques. Microabrasion represents a mechanical and a chemical method.

06. Why do you prefer to use Zirconium for prosthodontics?

From a chemical perspective, Zirconium represents a rare metal, hardly meltable, of white-grey colour, with increased mechanical resistance and hardness. The advantages of phrostetic interventions on Zirconium Oxide frame are the following:
• They can also be performed in the lateral zones, where all-ceramic systems cannot ensure the necessary resistance against the chewing forces
• Complete biocompatibility with human tissues, thus eliminating the risk of damaging the gum, allergic reactions and the unaesthetic aspect (frequently encountered in metallic-ceramic arches or crowns made of classical alloys)
• The frame of the intervention performed with Zirconium Oxide is obtained through computerized cutting, thus ensuring a perfect adaption
• The prosthetic reconstructions eliminate - through adaption and biocompatibility - the appearance of secondary cavities
• The aesthetics of the prosthetic interventions is not influenced by the colour of the support teeth, which can also be metallic pivots, the frame made of Zirconium Oxide having the same colour as the natural tooth, which ensures a natural opacity and in the same time highlights the opalescence and the fluorescence of ceramics, the result representing a perfect imitation of nature
• Facets can be performed where all-ceramic does not contain therapeutical recommendations (ex: tetracycline colorations), thus preserving the vitality of the teeth
• Zirconium is not an alloy, since it has a degree of purity of 99,9 % and a very high density
• Prosthetic interventions can be performed in an easier manner
• The individualization and personalization of the teeth represent the tasks of the dental technician, since they are not “standard” teeth.

07. When is the use of all-ceramic crowns recommended?

All-ceramic crowns present the following advantages:

• they satisfy the special aesthetic requirements due to the absence of metal
• the frosted porcelain presents a surface without porosity, being the most biocompatible material for reconstruction. Potential allergies and toxic phenomena provoked by metallic alloys are avoided.
• periodontal health ensured by the marginal design “butt-joint” (preparation with straight surfaces) that implies less material placed under the gum
• transillumination of the gum; since the material is transparent, it allows the transmission of light at the level of the tooth and does not produce the colouring of the tissues adjacent to reconstruction
• the new materials used for the ceramic jacket do not damage the antagonist teeth or they present the same rate of abrasion as the dental structures
• individualization through frosting (painting) for a better integration of the colour and a more natural aspect.

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