Updated Prothesis

H.A. born in 1957, France. He came with total edentation. The upper prothesis was demaged and the lower mobile prosthesis was partially damaged  (a 4-implant staple model)



The patient wanted to change the upper mobile prosthesis with a fixed one of type All on 4. In a first phase, a type II sinus lift operation was performed (addition of bone on the jaw to allow the implant to be fixed), then  we inserted the 4 implants on which the final prosthesis was mounted after 3 months.

The old mobile prosthesis bothered me far too much. I couldn't taste the food, it was falling, it was deteriorating. I can't wait to see the difference with the fixed one now.


2021 03 02 12 26 RP 3 HILI Al
2021 11 23 15 40 opg

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