Accident at 17 y.o.

M.C. French patient, born in 1993. At only 17 years old, he has a motorcycle accident that also involves major injuries to his face. Over time, the teeth, cut and broken due to the accident, decayed and became infected. He comes to the clinic with a recommendation for removal and replacement with a fixed All on 4 or All on 6 prosthesis.

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The patient was only 27 years old when he presented to our clinique. The initial prosthesis solution seemed too radical for his age, so we reconsidered the treatment plan. It must be said that in France health insurance covers only a small part of edodontic treatments, and that is why doctors do not make efforts to save the roots. We did these thorough canal treatments and we managed to bring the situation to a functional rehabilitation, but also aesthetic, based on zirconium crowns on pivots and implants.

I can say that only now, after so many years since the accident, I have really regained my social life!



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