Beyond the quality of the medical services and the reputation of the doctors or the reputation of the clinic, the patient must be aware of the fact that there is no national or European formula for dental services. Thus, the patient cannot evaluate the cost of a treatment on his own.

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You can obtain an estimated cost of a treatment only after a consultation, after which the doctor / cabinet / clinic calculates the labour costs and the materials considered necessary in your case!

A simple obturation (filling) – depending on the fee policy of the cabinet, may include anaesthesia or not, may take into account or not the dimension and the position of the cavity, may or may not include“direct or indirect caps” etc!

For more complex interventions – channel obturations, prosthetics procedures, implants, operations, orthodontic procedures etc – the variables increase exponentially. So do the manners in which these interventions can appear in the price list.

However, in order to have an idea on the level of the prices practiced by our clinic, we offer you a few guiding marks:

Consultation and Estimate: 40 Euro – includes digital scanning and estimate

Complete scaling: 85 Euro

Whitening Treatment
230 Euro whitening with gel in mouth guard – the procedure is performed by the patient at home
470 Euro lamp whitening – procedure performed inside the cabinet

Physiognomic Obturations
Between 60 and 150 Euro, depending on the size and the position of the cavity. This price includes the complete treatment: anesthesia, caps, etc.

Channel Treatment with Microscope
Between 145 and 370 Euro, depending on the tooth, the number of channels, the type of treatment, etc. This price includes the complete treatment: anesthesia, vital extraction, channel cleaning, washing, obturation, radiographies, etc.

Between 50 and 85 Euro depending on the tooth.
180 Euro wisdom teeth included.

Ceramic Prosthesis
Zirconia Katana crown: 310 Euro (on implant 410 Euro)
Coated Zirconia Katana crown: 375 Euro (on implant 430 Euro)
Zirconia Katana crown with ceramic veneers: 500 Euro
Ceramic crown on Zirconia frame: 550 Euro
EMAX- ceramic crown: 400 Euro
Ceramic crown on gold-platinum frame: 550 Euro (on implant 650 Euro)
Ceramic veneers: 375 Euro

Total Prosthesis: 390 Euro

Between 610 Euro and 1250 Euro depending on the type of implant

Computerized radiography: 10 Euro
Panoramic radiography (OPG): 30 Euro
Computer tomograph (CBCT) – maxillary and mandible: 150 Euro

Digital Scanning
Study Model: 50 Euro
Digital scanning – including occlusion: 25 Euro


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